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Friday, July 29, 2011

Roles of different departments in the hotel

Role of front office:Front office is the department which is noticed by the guest whenever they enter the hotel.It is the first department guest come into contact in the hotel, therefore it is also called the 'nerve center' of the hotel.The rose of front office department are:
  • Responsible for the sale of the hotel rooms through the systematic method of reservation, registration and assignment.
  • Forecasts room occupancy and provides room status report.
  • Coordinates guest service and answers to their queries.
  • Careful design of the front office organization chart.
  • Maintains and settles guests account.
  • Creates guest history records.
  • Maintains all database of guest information.
Housekeeping department is responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the entire hotel and public areas. The following things are considered:
  • Ensure all fixtures and furnitures are in proper working condition.
  • Supply of clean linens and good amenities to the guest room.
  • Coordinates with the other departments for the smooth operation.
  • Provides room for occupancy
  • Schedule periodic cleaning of the hotel and guest rooms.
Food and beverage production: This department is responsible for the production of food and beverage items as per the guests order.A kitchen is fully equipped with skillful chefs who can prepare the recipes according the demand of the guests. There are various ranges in the job as per the skills, experience and knowledge.Some of the responsibilities of production department:
  • Preparation of the food and beverage items as per the guests order in the specific time.
  • Checking the quality of the food.
  • Control the wastage through the portion control and cost control.
  • Follow the HACCP rules while preparation.
  • Purchase and storage of the raw materials in an appropriate way.
  • Manage the work load among various staffs in the kitchen.
Food and beverage service: This department is responsible for the service of food and beverage items prepared in the kitchen as per tthe guests order.Therer are different levels of staffs responsible for the supervision and performance of the work.The responsibilities of service department:
  • Receive the guests and escort to the specific table.
  • Take the order by presenting the menu.
  • Serve the guests order according to their demand.
  • Settle the account or transfer the folio.
  • Maintain the hygiene and cleanliness in the outlet.
  • Train the staffs.

Security department: This department works for maintaining the safety and security of the guests, staffs and the entire hotel properties.Security department comes into action when there is theft, fire, and any emergency cases.The very department is also responsible for the lost and found procedures also.

Engineering and maintainance department: This department is responsible for the maintainance and repair of the damaged items. for example, plumbing, repair or the a/c, furnitures, fixtures etc. all are maintained by maintainance department.

Human resource department: This department is responsible for the Hiring and firing of the staff, maintaining rules and regulations of the hotel, providing uniform to the staff, providing extra hands when required, Identity cards for the staff, Training programmes etc.

Account: This department is responsible for maintaining the financial statements and reports of the entire hotel. It is responsible for the calculations of the total profit or loss of the hotel.


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